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Cabo San Lucas, where the sun shines and the waves crash. All. Day. Long.

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Following my trip to Mexico City (travel guide here), I hopped on a plane and flew a short two hours to Baja del Sur, Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is about a 45 minute drive from the airport, so all-in-all budget about 5-6 hours of travel if you plan to do the same route.

Cabo is much more Americanized and touristy than Mexico City. With that, you will undoubtedly see an increase in prices. If you are staying in an AirB&B, or villa of sorts, I recommend making a stop at the local Walmart to pick up some snacks and alcohol to have on hand.

I have had the good fortune to travel to Cabo several times, as well as several other beach towns in Mexico. Cabo is very clean and safe – so kick those fears if they persist. Nightlife in Cabo is easy and casual – and the drinking age is 18, so if you are a bit older and find high schoolers/young college kids annoying, I would avoid any of the well known nightlife spots. Read El Squid Roe, SeΓ±or Frogs, etc. Hotel bars are a safe bet, but if you are looking to get out on the town, I’d stick to The Nowhere Bar or Cabo Wabo if you are daring to push the limit.

If you haven’t figured out by now that I have such an appreciation for AirB&B, then you likely haven’t been following along. We opted to, again, stay in an AirB&B in Cabo. Traveling with 6, we wanted a private villa with a pool, a grill and access to a semi-private beach – we got just that! Our house was in the gated community of Pedregal, just slightly outside of Cabo San Lucas’ main town – walking distance even. We were able to enjoy breakfast at the house every morning, along with several lunches as well as dinners. There really is something so relaxing about being on vacation and actually feeling like you are on vacation. I often times travel and do so much exploration that I end up needing a vacation from my vacation! The villa we rented allowed for just that – a true, relaxing vacation. PRAISE.


  • Flora Farms – Holy. Shit. This farm-to-table restaurant, which is far more than just a restaurant, was by far my favorite meal of the trip. Simply amazing. From the food to the ambiance to the service to the cocktails to the grounds. Amazing. Make a reservation now.
  • Edith’s – This place is on just about everyone’s recommendation list. A nice Mexican meal right off the beach just past town. Perfect for margaritas and hitting the town for some dancing after. Reservation necessary.
  • Tacos Guss – 24 hour tacos in Cabo. I’ll have two tacos, please and thank you.


  • SUR Beach House – Beach day drinking heaven. Beach chairs and towels are available for rent, which I highly suggest you do so. Enjoy cocktails and light bites on the beach while listening to some tunes and watching the waves roll in.
  • Mango Deck – Where all of your adult spring break dreams come true. Beach club/restaurant featuring wet t-shirt contests and dance-offs. Things are sure to get rowdy and be a good time.
  • The Nowhere Bar – A fun light-up dance floor and tequila shots on the marina. Count me in.


  • Rent a BoatRoger’s Boat TourΒ was so clutch. There are tons of boat tour and rental options in Cabo, but Roger’s was the biggest bang for our buck we found. At $20 per person, an hour ride and unlimited beer, we had an amazing tour and got even more than we bargained for. They offer various packages and considering our experience, I am sure any of them would be great.
  • Take a Day Trip – See a full review of my Todos de Santos day trip here. Highly recommend this as it is just a short hour drive from Cabo and totally worth it. Private beaches, small town vibes – what more could you want?

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