Vintage T-Shirt Mom Jeans

I didn’t know that I needed an oversized mustard blazer…until I found this one that was way too perfect to pass up.

Black Winter Accessories Oversized Mustard Blazer Blogger Style mom-jeans-street-style Mom Jeans Blogger Style Oversized Blazer Yellow Vintage Band Tee Jeans Fishnets Blogger Style Black Chelsea BootiesOversized Blazer Street Style Aviator Sunglasses Blogger Style Street Style Winter

Perfect to the point in which I haven’t been able to take this thing off. Not even kidding a little bit.

Whether I am pairing this blazer with an all black casual look, a simple dress, or a vintage band tee, it always seems to satisfy me in completing an outfit.

Best part: guess where I found this gem?

If you have read previous posts i.e. this one, then yep, you guessed it. Buffalo Exchange strikes again! Gah, can’t get over how many amazing things I find at that store. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…

Buy, sell, trade. ALL about that life.

For a bit of an edgy playful look, I paired my oversized mustard blazer with a vintage band tee, highwaisted mom jeans, fishnet socks and my favorite black booties. Kept the accessories simple black cross-body and my go-to black Ray-ban aviators.

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