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What does one wear in the winter months in a big metropolis city? The exact question I asked myself prior to heading down to Central America.

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Here’s the catch: winter isn’t a real hard hitting thingΒ in Central America, however, Mexico City has an elevation of like…really freaking high. Translation, pretty chilly relative to what you’d expect for Mexico in December. With temps in the high-60’s to low-40’s, clothing yourself is not an easy task.

I ended up stressed as hell during my 2-hour packing adventure. I was also heading to Houston and Cabo San Lucas (travel guide here!) so packing for multiple climates had my head spinning all over the place.

After careful consideration, I settled on layers as the way to go.

Tanks tops and jeans, paired with a jacket or sweater to wear in the early morning, take off for the mid-afternoon heat, and then put back once the sun went down in the evening.

Skirts and a heavy sweater would also do the trick.

You know those temps that you’re either too hot in the sun, or too cold in the shade? Welcome to Mexico City my friends. I zig-zagged my way all over those streets. Too hot? Switch. Too cold? Switch.

I ended up nailing it with the weather and was perfectly happy with the layers. My suggestion for Mexico City weather is to think of it like that of a Houston, mild variations to seasons, but variations nonetheless.

Winter: Chilly in morning and evening
Spring: Slightly chilly, but avoid layers
Summer: Hot, hot hot
Fall: Crisp air, sweater and shorts weater

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