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It’s been 4 years since I last moved. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s been that long.

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When I moved into my apartment with two of my closest friends in NYC, we expected to live there at max 2 years. However, the anxieties of moving each year got ahold of us and we continued to prolong the actual move. 

Fast forward 4 years, and here we are, still in the same place. That’s honestly longer than anywhere I have ever lived, besides my childhood home.

In college, I moved every year (my dad wanted to kill me, but was always there to help with the process – bless him). It was much more simple in Austin. No broker fees, minimal moving expenses and you could always guarantee that you would be moving into a space that would hold all of your pre-existing furniture. It’s not quite the same in New York.

NYC is a different beast. Broker fees, HIGH moving fees, small spaces that require you to really look at your belongings and decide what is a mandatory keep and what can go due to either sizing or layout constraints. Not to mention the sheer competition of the market. Hunting for an apartment in the summer months, namely August, is like playing among the sharks – whoever is the quickest and first to bite is going to get the best available. 

Being the type A planner that I am, I started looking for apartments well before my move. I am talking six months before. Apartments don’t typically go on the market until the month prior to the lease date. LOL. As I said, type A.

I have a bit of a checklist when it comes to what I am looking for in my next space. I really want a building with a doorman to help keep my online shopping addiction under control. I want an elevator because I don’t want to carry said boxes from shopping addiction upstairs, and ideally, I would love a rooftop. Who doesn’t want to live in a rooftop building in NYC? I also want to rent and not buy because let’s face it, while I am type A, I am also extremely adventurous and can’t be trusted to stay in one place for too long. Another reason the 4 year apt was shocking. 

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As I was searching the web for the best search engine for available apartments, I stumbled upon offers amazing rentable apartments in NYC and around the Tri-State area, all that offer the amenities I am looking for. They also have a killer check list to help simplify the moving process to help ease that anxiety. 

I am still on the hunt, but am confident that I will find the right space for us with In the meantime, I have started moving my stuff into my boyfriend’s apartment. Sharing with you guys above how I am decorating a small living space on a budget. Linking out to the items for you as well in case any of you are in need of a summer refresh!



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