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If there is one thing that I have been super into lately, it is a striped t-shirt. Oh, and mom jeans, duh.

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Striped t-shirts are always a good idea, especially if they are made with extra fancy glitter thread throughout,Β such as this Ganni top. Horizontal ivory, navy, peach and black stripes make for quite the multi-color-combo! This tee pairs perfectly with a skirt and a heel, or mom jeans and a sneaker. I literally just got it, and have worn it just about every way already. It is that good.

Let’s also talk about these mom jeans for a minute. These guys are super affordable and have an amazing fit – seriously, I can’t get over it.

Often times I try on mom jeans and find that I have some weird indentions happening at my upper thigh. IDK if that happens to anyone else but it sure as hell happens to me and it’s super annoying.

These ASOS mom jeans fortunately do not do that weird indent thing and are such a good fit. Not too tight, not too baggy.

One thing to note is that I am also a shrimp, so I have to get petite jeans. Shout out to my short girls! The size 28 length is REAL. I wanted these jeans so desperately that I got them in 30L and ended up getting them altered because they were too long. I made it a point to say not to make them too tight at the bottom since there is zero stretch, however, that did not happen, and surprise, they didn’t fit.

I reluctantly had to make little slits at the bottom to make them fit over my foot.

Speaking of short girl problems… I love the show your ankle jean look, but seriously I can’t find any jeans that are short enough to show my ankles. If anyone has recommendations, holler. Please & thank you.

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